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La firma de un contrato

Ideal for tourist visa

It is one of the documents suggested by Home Affairs when applying for a tourist visa (600). This letter is ideal for your family or friends who want to invite you to Australia to enjoy your holidays with them. With this letter, you can ensure that your hosts include the necessary details in the invitation letter, so that you can successfully apply for your tourist visa. 

More about the invitation letter

In your invitation letter, it is important to include the specific reasons for which you want to travel to the country, as well as provide important details that support your intention to visit the place as a tourist. This may include your travel plan, a list of family or friends you wish to visit, the dates of your stay, and the address where you will be staying. In addition, you must reiterate that your stay will be temporary and that you intend to return to your country of origin at the end of your trip. It is essential that it is sustainable that the person who has invited you to the country is a legal resident or citizen.

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