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  • Why entrust the translations of my documents to Entrelingo?
    Our quality process is highly focused on the review and verification of each of our translations. We pay special attention to every detail of our translators, their certifications, accuracy, efficiency and technical knowledge. Once the translation is issued, a second translator checks that the document complies with the quality standards of the certifying entities. When the process has finished successfully, the document is sent to the client. As soon as the client receives the translation of his document, he will have the opportunity to evaluate the Entrelingo service. In the event that the client is not totally satisfied, Entrelingo Customer Service will be willing to resolve any incident.
  • In which languages are Entrelingo translations made?
    Initially we only translate Spanish - English - Spanish and Portuguese - English - Portuguese documents.However, we will soon be offering additional languages such as German, French and Korean.
  • Is it necessary to present the original of the document that I need to translate?
    No. You can upload a readable copy in PDF, Word, JPG and other digital formats when requesting your translation.
  • How will you send me my translated document?
    Entrelingo is a digital company that delivers electronic copies (PDF) to the email address provided at the time of payment on our platform. We offer the option to send NAATI translations via domestic mail for an extra charge. Please note that this postal delivery service is only available within Australia and exclusively for NAATI translations.
  • How can I ensure the precision of my translation?
    The most effective way to verify the accuracy of your translation is to review the translator's qualifications on the website of the certifying agency. The translator's signature and stamp, along with Entrelingo's contact details, can be located at the bottom of your translation page for authentication. In order to verify the validity of credentials of translators certified by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), you can visit NAATI's website. Simply enter the translator's ID in the "Verify a NAATI Certification" section or follow this link:
  • When will I receive my translation?
    The turnaround time for your translation is specified in the service description you selected. The delivery time may range from 3 business days to 24 hours for urgent translations. Please consider weekends and holidays in our geographic location, Hobart, TAS Australia (GMT +11).
  • Do my translations expire?
    Generally, a translation becomes invalid once the original document has expired (if it has an expiry date). The accuracy of the translation is solely reliant on its faithfulness to the original document and is independent of the translator. Concerning NAATI translations, the stamp information of the NAATI translator who completed the translation contains the expiration date, referred to as "valid to". Many people mistake this date for the "translation expiration date". This date refers to the expiration date of the translator's credential. It does not signify a date after which the translation is null or invalid. It simply indicates the date after which the NAATI translator needs to renew their certification. For more information, please read this article:
  • What is the difference between a legal, sworn, certified, NAATI and specialized translation?
    The difference usually lies in the type of certification of the translator who does each type of translation. If you want to know more detail, all the information about it can be found in the following article: %B3n-legal-sworn-certified-naati-and-specialized
  • What is an official certified translation?
    An official CERTIFIED translation is a document translated by a certified professional translator, accompanied by a signed affidavit. Said translators are recognized by the Ministry of Justice and Foreign Relations of their country of origin and other entities authorized for this purpose. These translations are made outside of Australia and are valid globally.
  • In which countries is my certified official translation valid?
    Official certified translations are valid almost anywhere in the world. You just have to pay special attention to the requirements of the entity requesting the translation. For example, if you require an apostille or special certificate. Or if said entity requests that your translation be done by a translator with a particular certification from that country, such as the NAATI certification. Remember that each organization or department has its own requirements about what type of translations are accepted. Be sure to ask the organization that requested the translation what type of certification the translator of your document must have.
  • How to Determine the Quantity of Pages in Certified Translations?
    When placing a new order, ensure that the number of pages for the certified translation service matches the number of pages in the completed translation. The calculation is based on the instructions provided in the translation form. It is your responsibility to ensure that the service amount aligns with the resulting pages. Our resulting translation consists of 250 words per page. If your document spans more than 4 pages and each page has less than 250 words, the translation will be charged per page as each page requires a declaration, signature, and stamp for validation. Please ensure that the total number of pages is included in your order to avoid any additional fees. If the total number of pages is not indicated, Entrelingo will contact you for an individual invoice. Please note, delivery times will be calculated from the moment your final payment is processed.
  • What are the form instructions for certified translations?
    Usually, our translation pages try to maintain the style and format of the source document, however, when it comes to documents without specific formatting and in order to guarantee uniformity in Entrelingo services, certified translations will be delivered following the detailed instructions below. Font type and size: Arial 12, alignment: justified, margins: 3 cm, spacing: 1.5. This means that each resulting page will fit approximately 250 translated words. For example, a civil registry page in Spanish that has a large number of words in a small font size, can result in two pages of translations in English.
  • What does a Certified Translation include? (form of presentation)
    A Certified translation includes, in addition to the translated text, the sworn statement of the translator accompanied by his/her signature, translator ID number, seal and identity document. You will also be able to see the date of the translation and the Entrelingo website. In the attached image, you will find an example of the presentation of our Certified translations.
  • What is a NAATI translation?
    A NAATI translation is a translation done by a translator accredited by NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) in Australia. This translation is accompanied by a "Certification Statement" which includes the translator's NAATI number and details. This type of translation is widely accepted and generally required by federal and state government agencies in Australia.
  • In which countries is my official NAATI translation valid?
    NAATI translations are recognized worldwide, but they are particularly necessary in Australia where NAATI is a certifying body.
  • Is it mandatory to present a NAATI translation for my visa in Australia?
    The answer varies according to each situation (type of visa, country of origin, etc.). The Home Affairs department may or may not ask you for a NAATI translation. The most important thing is that you review the instructions of the entity that requests the documentation, and make sure that you are clear about the type of translation that they are requesting. Usually, a CERTIFIED translation is enough. When you are not sure what type of translation is requested, use this rule: if the instructions do not explicitly ask you to have the translations done by a NAATI translator, you can perfectly use certified translations. Otherwise, use NAATI translations. You can find more information about it in the following article:
  • What does a NAATI translation include? (form of presentation)
    A NAATI translation includes, in addition to the translated text, the translator's affidavit accompanied by their signature, seal, translator ID number, and expiration date of their NAATI certification. You will also be able to see the date of the translation and the Entrelingo website. In the attached image, you will find an example of the presentation of our NAATI translations.
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    We accept payment by debit/credit card and PayPal. If you need to make a payment and do not have access to either of these options, please contact us to process your payment via bank transfer. We accept bank transfers in Bancolombia (Colombia) and Commonwealth (Australia).
  • How do I contact customer service?
    There are many ways to contact our customer service team. You can email us at If you have urgent questions or concerns, you can contact us via Messenger (@entrelingo) or our Whatsapp (61) 416 173 788. Remember that our customer support team will be available during business hours according to our geographical location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia (GMT +10).
  • Where are we located?
    Entrelingo is a company that uses technology to make life easier for both users and translators, so our work is entirely virtual. Our translators are located in different regions of Australia and other countries. You may send any written correspondence to our physical address in Tasmania, Australia.
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