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About us

Entrelingo is the only digital translation agency that offers professional NAATI and Certified translations in one place. We have fixed rates per page, access to online payments and 24/7 customer service.


We offer a simple, fast and professional service so that our clients request their translations in the easiest way possible, and can dedicate their time to the important tasks of their internationalization process.


Entrelingo is a friendly and trustworthy brand. We are known for responding in record time and with great empathy to our clients' requests. We are a company created by immigrants, to help other immigrants; which is why we pride ourselves on being a 100% customer-focused company.


We are legally incorporated in Australia and operate worldwide.

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Maria Fernanda Garcia

Business Development Director

traductor certificado naati

Julio Rojas

Supplier Director

Traductor jurado

Adriana Contreras

HR Director

Entrelingo's partners are Colombians who have experienced the migration process to other countries for themselves. Adri, Mafe and Julio, had many problems with the professional translations of their documents when they immigrated to the United States and Australia, in 2008 and 2018 respectively. After spotting this opportunity, the three of them found a way to help others simplify the task of translations.

In 2018, the 3 managing partners began working for Entrelingo. Over time, new personnel have been added, allowing areas to be opened to complement the team, and thus help thousands of people and companies around the world.


Today, we are more than 23 direct employees and 30 contractors.


We are a multicultural team with a virtual work modality, operating from Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, USA, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Managing the different time zones has allowed us to grow in synchrony, organization and build a team trained to work 24/7. We currently have 6 departments and more than 50 employees.

Corporate social responsibility
At Entrelingo we care about the most needy in the Spanish-speaking community. That is why, 3% of our profits are used to support the education of low-income children in Latin America.
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