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Do my NAATI translations expire?

It is a very frequent doubt among translation users because it is unfair that you translate, for example, your driver’s license and that the translation is valid only for a certain period of time.

Generally speaking, we can say that a translation expires once the original document expires (if it has an expiration date). For example, if the driver’s license in your country of origin has the expiration date "October 2019", the translation of your license will have exactly the same information, so it will not be valid beyond "October 2019". This information does not depend at all on the translator, since the translations must be true to the original document.

Now, if you look at the information that has the stamp of the NAATI translator who did your translation, you will find that it has two dates. A date called "translation date" (or "translation date") refers to the date the translator did your translation

And the date is called "valid to" ("expiration date"), which many people confuse with "expiration date of the translation". This information is completely wrong. The fact is, this date refers to the possible expiration date of the translator’s credential. It does not reflect a date after which a translation is invalid or unacceptable but shows the date in which the NAATI translator must renew its certification.

You should also note that if the NAATI translation you have just received has a greater "expiration date" than today, you will not be able to accept that translation, since the NAATI translator’s accreditation has expired at the time of issuing your translation. Remember that you can always verify the authenticity of a translation on the NAATI website.

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Mafe G. | Director of Operations and Customer Service | Entrelingo

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